Susan Rosson Spain

Author of Books for Children and Young Adults
Active Volunteer for Habitat for Humanity

Here we go!

Last fall I started my Book Blitz for THE TWELVE DAYS OF CHRISTMAS IN GEORGIA in Dahlonega at the Gold Museum, and it made quite the "peachy" splash! Many thanks to Lynda Bryan (not pictured) for her amazing hospitality!

Click here for the book trailer for TWELVE DAYS. Too cool!

This year my illustrator Elizabeth O. Dulemba and I got an early start with a signing at the Atlanta Gift Mart (awesome place!) in July. More signings are scheduled throughout the fall, so please visit my News and Events page to see where I'll be next! 

My Life Story
(Abridged Version)

I grew up in the suburbs of Baltimore, Maryland, and one of my favorite things to do when I was a kid was to hide from everyone else and read. I spent a lot of time like that, sometimes under the piano, sometimes in the basement behind my dad’s workbench, and sometimes in the woods in a fort with my best friend, Vicki. I liked all kinds of books, but especially Nancy Drew mysteries and biographies of famous people.
I liked to write a lot in elementary school, too, but really grew to love it in high school. When the teacher announced a term paper assignment, while everyone else groaned, I thought, alright (which probably makes me a dork). Anyway, I remember one term paper in particular that I wrote, an interpretation of they lyrics in THE WHO's rock opera, Tommy. Man. I thought I was deep.
Here are two shots of me in high school. On the left, very deep. On the right, well, not so much!


I got married and had four daughters and several different jobs and writing got lost under toys, laundry, a boss or two and a lot of years. I still wrote letters to out-of-town family and friends, but peace and quiet were at a premium in a house with four kids. I couldn’t just crawl under the piano anymore. Moms don’t do that. (And besides, our piano was now an upright, not a baby grand. I’d have to be Flat Stanley to fit under it.)

Now things are semi-quiet again, except when the UPS truck goes by and the dogs go nuts. That’s Luke and his buddy Zeke in the shot below. They look ornery, don’t they? They are, a little. But mostly, they're good boys.

  When I'm not writing, reading or carrying out my duties as the Published and Listed Coordinator for Georgia in the Southern Breeze Region of SCBWI, I serve on the Board of Directors of Habitat for Humanity in my area, coordinating volunteers and helping build homes with needy families. I'm participating in the Carter Work Project in Haiti this fall as well, and am very excited about it! Click HERE to see the details! Below you'll see a few shots of me "wielding my mighty hammer". I have lots of hobbies, too. Check me out crossing the finish line in the ING half-marathon—I’m the one in the pink hat. I also love SCUBA diving (and underwater photography), biking, amateur astronomy, and gardening. 





That little pic inset above is me stepping off a cliff called Oil Slick Leap in Bonaire. I was scared, but boy, what a thrill!


Some of my favorite diving photos


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